MMA/ADA monitoring creeks closely – GINA

The Mahaica, Mahaicony, Abary/ Agricultural-Development-Authority (MMA/ADA) is closely monitoring the situation in the Abary, Mahaicony and Mahaica Creeks in the wake of the heavy rainfall and the emergency discharge from the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC) which have resulted in rising levels in the creeks.

Meanwhile, President Bharrat Jagdeo is to visit Region Five today to inspect flood-hit areas.

The Government Information Agency (GINA) said yesterday that in addition to the year-long flood reduction activities in the creeks, a number of tasks have been initiated by the MMA/ADA to reduce the impact, particularly on cultivation areas. These according to GINA include:

• Rehabilitation of the conservancy dam at select locations – 2.75 miles.

• Replacement of two gates at the D’Edward sluice and the east end of Façade drain.

• Rehabilitation of the secondary drainage channels, 213 miles from Profit to D’Edward.

• Installation of 3×36” tubes to drain the D’Edward-Rosignol area into BD 16 at Cotton Tree.

• Construction of greenheart timber revetment and earthen embankment at the Little Abary and Park sluices.

• Complete re-engineering and reconstruction of the Bellamy Canal from Mahaicony River to Abary River (approx five miles).

• Rehabilitation and construction of new channels to serve the ‘Libyan’ area of approximately 2,000 acres within MARDS.

• Empoldering of approximately 10,000 acres between Mora Point and First Savannah on the Right Bank of the Mahaicony River.

• Installation of 2×36” HDPE tubes from the Simpson drain into Hyde Park drain.

• The complete re-engineering and re-construction of the Bellamy canal from Cottage to Farm on Mahaicony end and from Planters Hall to Spring Hall on Mahaica side (approx 12 miles).

• Reconstruction of eight major drainage channels from the Industry canal to Bellamy canal including Sarah/Drill, Bushy Park/Perseverance, Cottage/Planter’s Hall, De Kinderen/Zeeland; Fairfield/Broomhall and Dantzig/Columbia (approx 19.5 miles).

• Rehabilitation and extension of Industry canal from the Mahaica River to the Mahaicony River (approx nine and a half miles), and installation of tubes at Sarah/Drill and Fairfield/Broomhall.

• Extension of the Perth Biaboo main canal from Perth to Industry canal (approx two and a half miles)

• Reconstruction of Washclothes canal and flood embankments from the Left Bank of Mahaicony River to Perth Biaboo canal (six miles)

• The re-engineering and re-construction of Perth/Biaboo main canal from Washclothes to Perth (ongoing). At present 1.2 miles has been completed.

• Rehabilitation of secondary canals and drains including Rutherford, Yankee, Handsome Tree branch, Pandit and Poorfellow channels (11.5 miles)

Other works include:
• Rehabilitation of the Bellamy West End Sluice at Spring Hall, Mahaica.

• Repairs to Bellamy Sluice at Farm, Mahaicony.

• Cleaning of 12 miles of the Mahaica and Mahaicony Rivers

• In the Mahaica and Mahaicony Rivers, over 380 farmers and residents have benefited individually with 16 hours of excavation works to empolder cultivation areas and build high spots for livestock.

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