There is a shortage of kerosene oil in the country and some service stations in the city have been affected.

When Stabroek News visited the GuyOil gas station on Public Road, Kitty an official told this newspaper that the station did not have kerosene since Christmas Eve. The official said that the gas station is currently awaiting a new shipment of kerosene which is expected to arrive in the country sometime next week.

Over at the GuyOil Service Station on Regent Street, there was also no kerosene available. Stabroek News was told that this has been the case for sometime although no exact time was given as to when the previous stock had finished.

At the Esso Service Station on Vlissengen Road there was no kerosene available since a few days after Christmas this newspaper was told. Stabroek News was informed that this gas station is also awaiting a shipment.

However, officials told this newspaper that when the shipment arrives the price for kerosene will drop considerably.

The last price charged for kerosene at this gas station was $255.20 per litre. But with the falling price of fuel on the international market there is expected to be a sizeable reduction. The most recent price for kerosene at the GuyOil service station was $105 per litre.

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