Vieira withdrew resignation as PNCR-1G MP

Broadcaster Anthony Vieira tendered his resignation as a Member of Parliament (MP) for the main opposition PNCR-1G, but hastily withdrew it after being convinced to stay on by party leader Robert Corbin.

“Mr Corbin didn’t want to even discuss it,” Vieria told reporters yesterday at a party press briefing, adding, “He [Corbin] values my service and I have decided to stay on….“
Vieira was a surprise inclusion on the party’s candidate list at the last general elections and has since served as its shadow minister for agriculture.

He did not go into details about why he felt the need to submit a resignation but it came amidst trouble in the main opposition camp.

Last month, former party Vice-Chairman Vincent Alexander and supporters of his aborted candidacy for leadership of the party announced their withdrawal from several party posts. The announcement followed the party’s decision to recall former executive and Alexander supporter James McAllister as a Member of Parliament (MP).

Since then, there have been debates over Corbin’s leadership of the party as well as a number of calls for him to step down as party leader.

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