‘Nervous’ Guyanese remanded in NY over cookbooks cocaine

A Guyanese man was remanded to a New York prison after he attempted to smuggle cocaine into the US in cookbooks.
Jermaine Anthony was nabbed when he arrived at the John F. Kennedy International Airport on Tuesday on board a Caribbean Airlines flight from Guyana.

According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent, Kyle Bowdy in a sworn affidavit seen by this newspaper, Anthony was selected by Customs and Border Protection Inspectors for inspection. The man presented a green and black ‘Gabbiano’ suitcase for inspection and produced a baggage claim ticket for that suitcase.

“While examining the suitcase, the inspector noticed that Jermaine Anthony became extremely nervous, his carotid artery began to pulsate and sweat started to appear on his forehead,” Bowdy said in his affidavit.

He went on to state that while examining the suitcase the inspector noticed two cookbooks which were unusually heavy and gave off an odour.

The inspector probed the hard cover of one of the books and discovered the cocaine and checks made of the other found the same thing. As a result Anthony was arrested.

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