A farmer on Thursday pleaded not guilty to the charge of simple larceny when he appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson.
It was alleged that on January 5, 40-year-old Surujdat Persaud of Fifth Field Cummings Lodge Squatting Area stole from Hemdutt Kumar US$1,242, TT$700 and one US driver’s licence.

Persaud explained to the court that he works for Kumar and that he, Kumar and another employee were all drinking the night before the valuables were discovered missing.
“My worship, all awe de drinking. De next morning when de boss man realise dat he tings missing he ain’t ask de ada man nothing yuh know,” Persaud said.

“De boss man come an pick me up from home. He carry me up to the farm at Garden of Eden, strip me naked an start beating me. Look all meh foot how it bus up. Me ain’t tek duh man things, my warship.”
Persaud then asked the magistrate for bail.

However, the police prosecutor asked that bail be denied arguing that this was not the first time the accused has stolen from his employer.  Bail was refused.

Persaud is to return to court on January 15.

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