Region Four says 2008 work programme almost complete

The Region Four Administration says it has almost completed 2008 development projects and it stands ready to start this year’s programme as soon as the budget has been approved.

In a press release the region said it has completed 93% of its capital works and 97% of its current works.

Regional Executive Officer (REO) Shafdar Alli said the capital works included those in the education and health sectors; drainage and irrigation (D&I) and roads and bridges with an expenditure totalling $140M. He said although much had been done some projects were terminated due to the slow progress of work by contractors; forcing the region to hire new contractors. Alli said too the inclement weather affected works on several road projects.

According to the REO in the education sector the Cane Grove, Annandale, Low Wood and Laluni primary schools were rehabilitated. Construction at the Practical Instruction Centre at Buxton was also restarted and in the health sector centres at Herstelling and Buxton were repaired.

In the D&I sector contracts for the building of a revetment at Cane Grove and Hope, East Bank Demerara together with canals at Clonbrook, Two Friends, Buxton and Beterverwagting were rehabilitated. Additionally, community roads at South Better Hope, First Street, Melanie Damishana, Logwood and Double Road, Enmore and at Second Street, Success were built. The money saved from these works will be used to repair the main access road at McKenzie Ville, Mon Repos. The region said bridges were also built at the Ann’s Grove Market and Unity.

Alli said despite many challenges the region has had a rewarding year. He said too the Engineering Department has already started the process of preparing designs, drawings and the Bill of Quantities and is awaiting the approval of the annual budget to start the 2009 work programme.

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