Stabbed thrice then doused with corrosive liquid

– abused woman pleads for justice
“He stab me on Christmas Day, again on Boxing Day and he stab me on New Year’s Day,” said Angela Allison, whose ex-lover doused her with a corrosive substance last Sunday just after 10.30 pm in front of the Parliament Building.

Allison, 42, of Cross Street, Werk-en-Rust, was crying out in pain when Stabroek News visited her in the Female Open Ward at the Georgetown Public Hospital. She was surrounded by family members who encouraged her to tell of her experience with the man, who she had known, “for jus one month and during that space in time he stick me up with a knife, and carry me to he house and rape me many times”.

Allison’s face and chest are badly burned, evidence that corrosive substance was thrown on her; while her right arm, right leg and lower back bear stab wounds.

She explained that she met the man during September and during from the inception he was very abusive to her.
She stated that some time in the October, after she had ended the relationship, the man went to her home “and he kick down de door and he come in and chop me pun me hand and in me back”.

Allison said she had made a report to the police station about the incident and the man was later arrested. She said he was locked-up for about a month and when he was finally released, he went looking for her. She said she had been in hiding ever since the incident but one day, her former boyfriend spotted her in a store.

He threatened her with a knife and ordered her to walk until they got to his house. She said that when she got there he raped her and since then, whenever he saw her he would do the same thing.

On Christmas Day, Allison said, her ex-boyfriend stabbed her on her arm, leg and in her head before raping her.
Last Sunday she was at her gate at Cross Street when the man approached her and told her that he was selling a computer. She said that he then grabbed her and dragged her until they reached Parliament Building where he released her when he saw three policemen in a vehicle.

“I call out [to them] ‘Officers please help me, this is de man that I de report that stab me. He seh he gon kill me’ but they ain’t do nothing”.

She said one of the policemen told her that they were coming over to help her but “dey drive away and left me in de rain with this madman”. She said that her ex-boyfriend then grabbed her again despite her attempts to climb over the Parliament Building gate. “Meh foot dey hurting real bad, so he tek out de bottle ah acid and throw it on meh face cause he said that if he can’t get me no one can”.

Allison said she then ran behind him and begged him to take her to the hospital but he ran away. She added that at that point she was seeing blurred because some of the substance had splashed near her eyes. She said that she had barely managed to stop a car which took her to the hospital.

Allison also informed Stabroek News that as she was lying in the hospital that same Sunday night, her ex-boyfriend appeared and told her, ‘come with me, I gon put egg on it [the burns] and you gon feel better and I gon pay a private hospital to look after you”. She said she pleaded with the doctor, who was attending to her at that time, to have her ex-boyfriend locked up but her ex-boyfriend immediately left the hospital.

She also said a report was made to the police station about the incident but it was not clear if her ex-boyfriend was apprehended.

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