Residents want primary school at Yarowkabra

The Alliance For Change (AFC) says Yarowkabra residents have asked for consideration to be given to building a primary school and have voiced concerns about the current local government system.

According to a press release AFC Region Four Councillor Michael Carrington organised a community meeting on Saturday. The party said the session “took the form of an exchange of experiences and ideas” and examined the reasons for previously failed efforts at community collaboration and the need for residents to “take ownership and control of a process that needed to be democratic and accountable; but not contaminated by partisan political interference” as it had experienced.

AFC Vice-Chair and MP Sheila Holder said although the party had national political intentions of governing the country it advocates building human capacity in the community to aid its efforts to attain civic-minded consciousness, harmony and the realisation of the community’s developmental objectives; a point echoed by its activist Lin-Jay Harry Voglezon.

The release said about 50 residents attended the meeting; two of whom volunteered to lend their grass-cutting equipment for weeding planned for next weekend.  Several other persons also volunteered to weed and clean the Community Health Centre premises and to address the mosquito infestation problem at the nursery school.

Persons have also expressed an interest in forming an interim committee to collaborate on finding solutions to other urgent problems within the community.

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