Fish vendor denies ‘behaviour’ charges

A 48-year-old fish vendor of Albouystown on Thursday pleaded not guilty to the charges of threatening behaviour, abusive language and disorderly behaviour when she appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson.

It was alleged that on January 6 at Georgetown, Claudette Thorne of 20 Independence Boulevard, Albouystown, behaved disorderly and made use of abusive language and threatening behaviour to Marlon Green.

According to Thorne, she had cared for Greene who was not in court ever since he was a baby and now that he is older, he has become disrespectful to her. She stated that on the day in question Green, along with some friends, had gone to the Meadow Bank Wharf where she conducts her business and he started to verbally abuse her.

She further stated, “My worship, when I talk to he about it, he pelt a brick and bus me son head. When I go to de station now fuh mek a report, he Marlon de done deh deh, an change up de whole story like if I was de one wrong.”

She was placed on $10,000 bail for threatening behaviour, $7,000 for abusive language and $7,000 for disorderly behaviour. She is to return to court on February 27.

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