At the Reliance Court on Wednesday, Magistrate Geeta Chandan-Persid Edmond remanded to prison a man accused of carnal knowledge and armed robbery.

The court heard that on January 11 at Mount Sinai, West Canje, Kenston Drakes, 29, unlawfully had carnal knowledge of a woman. While armed with a weapon, to wit, a knife, Drakes also reportedly robbed the woman of a cellular phone valued $9,100.

Police Prosecutor, Inspector Satrohan Dayaram opposed bail on the grounds of the nature, gravity and prevalence of the offences. He also told the court the accused is a repeat offender who was also facing rape and buggery charges.

In his defence Drakes said, “I know who rape she but I get arrested…I am disappointed with life.”
He was ordered to appear in court on January 26.

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