PNCR urges think tank on local impact of world crisis

With the full reach of  the world financial crisis still to be measured, the main opposition party is calling for the swift convening of a “think tank” to study its impact and to formulate solutions.

PNCR-1G MP Keith Scott floated the proposal at the party’s press briefing yesterday, where he warned that the crisis will only cause further pain to the “poor” and “vulnerable” in the country.

He also urged the government to revise the size of the current old age pension, which he described as “a scandal.”

Scott repeated the PNCR’s call for urgent measures to enable vulnerable Guyanese to be cushioned against the devastating impact of the current crisis and said the party is in favour of a think tank comprising representatives from all relevant stakeholders as one solution.

He also cited the complaints in the press about the current $6,300 old age pension. “The public assistance paid out is a scandal and needs to be urgently revised,” Scott said, pointing to the rising cost of living, which he credited to the two-year-old Value Added Tax. He noted the recent “derisory increase” of $300 and expressed hope that the complaints about the inadequate sum would persuade the administration to do something about the pensions paid to people who have served the country long and well.

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