A 15-year-old boy has been hospitalized with neck and head injuries after being “corked” while swimming in the “Blacka” at Lamaha Park yesterday.

Dorwin Roberts of Guyhoc Park was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital around midday yesterday and was admitted in a critical condition to the institution’s Intensive Care Unit.

Reports are that the boy along with other relatives and friends were swimming in the canal when he was “corked”. It was explained that this is a practice, whereby someone somersaults in the water and in the process hits another person in the head with his feet so that the person, who is hit, is forced underwater.

One friend, who was at the canal when the incident occurred, told this newspaper that Roberts was under the water for about four minutes before anyone realized that something was wrong. After frantic diving, he was found and rushed to the GPH, where he was admitted. He reportedly suffered a fractured skull and neck.

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