Owners and operators of mini-buses have two weeks to remove drawings and slogans, which have not been approved by the police, from their vehicles.
The Guyana Police Force (GPF), in a statement yesterday said that in furtherance of its new traffic management plan and in efforts to deal with the placing of drawings and slogans on mini-buses, “which are in some instances of a lewd nature” and which is of concern, an amendment has been made to Clause 14 of the Road Service Licence for mini-buses which deals with that issue.

The police said that the newly amended Clause 14 of the Road Service Licence for mini-buses now reads: “No writing, marking, drawing or other material shall be placed on a motor vehicle except those approved by the Prescribed Authority. Materials approved by the Prescribed Authority will include the prescribed colour code and number, registration number, zone, seating capacity and destination.”

The GPF said that owners and/or operators of mini-buses are being given a grace period up to February 15 by which time, they are expected to put themselves in compliance.

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