-to focus on developing housing, commercial areas
The Ireng/Sawariwau NDC of Lethem says it has completed its $3M planned development projects for 2008 and intends to focus on upgrading secondary roads and other infrastructure.

NDC Chairman Terrence Boston made this announcement at the first statutory meeting held earlier this month a press release from the region said. Boston said too the NDC still has not been granted permission to collect rates and taxes from residents as the land tenure arrangement in the areas is undergoing a transition from lease hold to free hold titles.

In giving an overview of the 2008 works he said since November projects including the resurfacing of secondary roads including Beverly Hills Drive, Cenotaph Boulevard, Arthur Owen Drive and Third Street have been completed. Boston said too the annual weeding exercise in Lethem and its environs was also done though he contends that this exercise should be done throughout the year to reduce the mosquito infestation. The NDC was also able to refurbish a part of the fence at the Tabatinga Community Ground and slashing was done at the Lethem Commu-nity Ground and Children’s Park.

In addition to the subvention works Boston said the NDC continued to engage the community on garbage collection and disposal matters. Currently using a tractor and trailer the NDC provides a twice weekly garbage disposal service which it intends to boost because of increased business activities along the Lethem border.

Boston said the amount of garbage generated in the area daily needs a disposal truck and expert management of the 10-acre disposal area the NDC acquired.  He said the NDC will also address the safe disposal of clinical waste when the new Lethem Hospital is opened.

As regard plans for this year the NDC proposes to continue upgrading secondary roads in the community along with maintaining a clean environment. Special attention will also be given to the Lethem Market which needs repairs as some sections of the concrete structure are disintegrating while some sections of the wooden beams have been destroyed by termites.

Boston said the NDC also intends to focus on housing and commercial development in the area and to address the issue with stakeholders. He said it is especially urgent as the Takutu Bridge is soon to be commissioned. The chairman said too the NDC will collaborate more with the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) to upgrade the roads in Lethem and its environs.

Many of the roads have a gravel surface which creates a dust nuisance but the RDC plans to add tar to the surface of some roads shortly.

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