Guyanese sentenced over BVI power outage

(BVI Platinum News) The Guyanese driver who is responsible for the island-wide power outage on the evening of February 3rd after he drove into a utility pole was sentenced yesterday morning.

Kenton Sanmoogan, 40 who was charged with reckless driving, false reporting and driving drunk while in charge of a vehicle was ordered to compensate the BVI Electricity Corporation $11,950 for the damage cost to the pole.

The sum will be paid within seven months, with $2,000 at the end of each month. If the payments are not made, Sanmoogan will have to serve three months in prison.

In relation to reckless driving, he was fined $500.00 or three months in prison and for making a false report to the Police Station he was fined $250.00 or thirty days in prison. The fines were paid. He pleaded guilty to charges.

Sanmoogan, an employee of The Moorings who resides in Sea Cow’s Bay, apologized to the court and begged that the Magistrate be lenient when sentencing him. “I would like to apologize to everyone and ask the court to be lenient towards me…I would pay back for the damage but I need a time frame…After the incident I didn’t know what to do so I went home and made a false report that my vehicle was stolen…I know that I did have a few drinks before the incident but I know that I was not drunk.”

Senior Magistrate Mrs. Valerie Stephens told the defendant that he must have been drunk to run into a utility pole which resulted in an island- wide power outage. The Magistrate urged Sanmoogan to seek help to address his drinking problems.

Particulars of the matter stated that on February 3, Sanmoogan who has been living in the BVI for the last three years left a local restaurant in Road Town after consuming alcohol. He then went to pick up a woman and her daughter and whilst driving on the Sir Francis Drake Highway, he drove into a utility pole. This resulted in an island-wide power outage.

Sanmoogan immediately fled the scene and went home where he called the Police Station and reported that his vehicle was stolen. His wife then inquired what happened and he eventually explained what transpired. Sanmoogan along with his wife returned to the scene where he turned himself in to the Police.

Police had stated that on arrival at the scene in Havers, Police found a Suzuki jeep with extensive damage, two passengers with injuries and a utility pole lying across the road blocking both lanes of traffic.

Head of the Traffic Investigation Department Inspector Kenrick Headley has been pleading with drivers to be extremely cautious and tolerant on the roadways.

The increase in road accidents has caused the department to be concerned. It has attributed the record high to the number of vehicles now on the roadways, the number of young, inexperienced drivers and the limited patience exercised by motorists

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