Unions, Guysuco agree to ‘maximise’ on work days

GAWU and NAACIE have called on the workers and management of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (Guysuco) “to join hands to maximize sugar production by turning out in full numbers to work and to maximize on the opportunity work days.”

According to a press release the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) and the National Association of Agricultural Commercial Industrial Employees (NAACIE) representatives Komal Chand and Kenneth Joseph and Guysuco’s Interim Board and Management representative Nanda K Gopaul gave this commitment when they met on Wednesday.

They also called on all parties to “eschew conflict and work harmoniously towards the rebuilding process.” The industry was wracked by industrial action last year.

After listening to the Board’s concerns the unions said they recognize that antagonism and confrontation could bedevil the industry to the disadvantage of the workers and the nation. In the light of this they will strive to resolve workers’ problems and grievances with the reciprocal support of Guysuco. The unions said they are particularly pleased “with the hints on the framework of the Turn Around Plan” outlined by the Board to reinvigorate the industry and suggested roles the workers could play in supporting the process.

GAWU and NAACIE said they are committed to ensuring the development of the industry as their members’ jobs and the livelihood of their families depend upon it. The unions said they look forward to supporting the plan when it is finalised once workers’ jobs are protected and the nationalised industry rebounds to high levels of sugar production.