Hinckson terrorist act PI further adjourned

The Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into the Oliver Hinckson advocating a terrorist act matter has been adjourned to February 27.

Special Prosecutor Sanjeev Datadin yesterday laid over case documents to Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson.

Hinckson’s attorney, Nigel Hughes, is to respond to Datadin’s submission on the next occasion.

On the previous occasion before the court Datadin had tendered to readmit a diary, in which statements alleged to have been made by Hinckson were recorded, to evidence. The magistrate had ruled the diary inadmissible to evidence last year.

Hinckson, an ex-army officer, was charged on March 11 with advocating the commission of a terrorist act and uttering seditious statements.

The second charge stemmed from a statement he made during a press conference at City Hall. The Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into Hinckson’s matter of advocating a terrorist act is still in progress.

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