City Mayor Hamilton Green yesterday said that investigations are still ongoing to determine the source of the mysterious Wednesday morning fuel leak.

Gallons of diesel flowed from an unknown source through the drains along Croal, Water, America and Longden streets about 11am that day.

It resulted in a mad rush by residents to collect some. Vendors and other citizens in the vicinity had noticed the liquid gushing through the drains and upon closer investigation discovered it was fuel.

Deputy Mayor of Georgetown, Robert Williams, had confirmed that there was a leak in the area and it was suspected to have come from Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) or one of the other businesses located within its vicinity.
The leak, he had said, was suspected to have come from a building which operated a heavy duty generator.

However, up to late last evening Mayor Green told this newspaper that he had not yet received reports from the investigations and that as far as he knew the source of the fuel leak was still unknown.

Williams had said on Wednesday that technicians would continue to inspect buildings in the area until the source of the leak was discovered.

Branch Manager of KFC, Mahendra Persaud, was still unavailable for comment yesterday.

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