PNCR-1G MP Winston Murray yesterday denounced a report on the state-run NCN 6 O’ Clock News that suggested he was “out” of the main opposition party.

“I am shocked that NCN could carry that as an authentic story without reference to me,” he told reporters yesterday, saying none of the claims made in the report was true.

The report, which was broadcast on Wednesday evening’s newscast, cited a “source close to the party” as saying Murray was on the verge of dissociating himself from a Robert Corbin-led party.

The report made reference to his absences from party meetings and his apparent opting out of the budget debate, adding that he was expected to join the campaign by former health minister Richard Van West Charles for leadership of the party.

Murray, who made his presentation on the budget the same day of the broadcast, described the report as scurrilous and said the newscast should have contacted him. The report has come almost on the eve of a party leadership retreat.

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