$281.5M budgeted for Region Three

In a press release the region also said it intends to target rates and taxes collection this year. Regional Chairman Julius Faerber said arrears and interests for last year were sizeable and he urged the NDCs to adopt a more vigorous approach for rates collections in 2009.

The NDCs are expected to receive the following sums: Wakenaam, $16.8M; Leguan, $21.6M; Mora/Parika, $24.7M; Hydronie/Good Hope, $20.1M; Greenwich Park/Vergenoegen, $6.4M; Tuschen/Uitvlugt, $22M; Stewartville/Cornelia Ida, $18.7M; Hague/Blankenburg $29.8M; La Jalousie/Nouvelle Flanders, $16.5M; Best/Klein Pouderoyen $14.1M; Malgre Tout/Meer Zorgen $18.7M; La Grange/Nismes, $16.8M; Canals Polders, $12.3M and Toevlugt/Patentia, $43M.

Officials said their calculations were based on appraisals in residential areas, building processing fees, fees for application forms, arrears and interest, the rental of buildings, burial ground charges, pound fees and the rental of machinery and equipment. The NDCs also proposed that they would use the money collected to de-silt and maintain drains and trenches, weed and clean parapets, maintain burial grounds and streets and collect and dispose of garbage within their respective communities.

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