Maduni sluice was opened from Dec 27 to Jan 6 – Persaud

When the sluice was opened, the water level in the conservancy was 58.40 Georgetown Datum (GD) and the level had reduced to 58.10 GD when it was eventually closed.

According to data provided by the Agriculture Minister, the highest water level recorded at Maduni during the month of January was 58.40 GD on January 7. Over at Flagstaff, the highest level recorded was 58.75 GD which occurred on January 5, 7 and 9. And at Land of Canaan, the maximum level was 56.45 GD which was recorded on January 8 and 9.

During December, at Maduni the highest level was recorded on December 27 and 30 and was 58.40 GD. The highest level at Flagstaff was recorded on December 31 and the level was 58.85 GD. Over at Land of Canaan, the maximum recorded level was 56.80 GD on December 15.

According to Persaud, the water level management manual for the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC) was prepared in June 2005 following the floods in January of that year. He explained that when the manual was designed, the EDWC only had the Land of Canaan five-door slice, Lama No.1 and No 2, the Maduni sluice and the Cunha operating at a very low efficiency. He said that since 2005, much rehabilitation work and new works have been undertaken within the conservancy aimed at improving its integrity and which has resulted in improved capacity.

Persaud said that discharge efficiency has improved at the Land of Canaan and Cunha and added that the new Kofi relief structure increases the western discharge with an additional discharging capacity of 500 cu sec.

The minister said the overall improvement “has allowed for an increase freeboard level during flood conditions where by opening of the eastern relief structure at Maduni at a level of 58.40 GD to drain excess water to the Atlantic through the Mahaica River”.

The minister was responding to questions posed by PNCR-1G MP Lance Carberry.

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