Mahaica farmers get seeds, chemicals and other assistance

According to GINA, Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud assured farmers at the distribution exercise on Friday that other interventions will be made. He said too almost 70% of government resources will be made available farmers through the farmers’ assistance programme.

Meanwhile, General Manager of the New Guyana Marketing Corporation Nizam Hassan said each farmer would receive 12 to 16 packets of seeds such as bora, boulanger, watermelon, tomato and celery. He said hundreds of seedlings could be hand from each packet. Centres have also been established where farmers can collect supplies of pesticides, weedicides and urea. Hassan said 175 bags of urea will be distributed in the Mahaica area.

Additionally, the minister told farmers that they would each receive a bag of urea although Caribbean Chemicals had been experiencing difficulties providing the required quantity. He also said there had been difficulties sourcing seeds and a shipment being freighted from Thailand should be here within a week. Regarding fuel, Persaud said an assessment is being done to determine the quantity needed for land preparation.

In response, farmers lauded the assistance as timely. They also commended government’s plan to build an additional canal from the East Demerara Water Conservancy to the Atlantic Ocean as it would boost drainage.

According to GINA the communities have already benefited from distributions of livestock feed and veterinary assistance, while critical drainage and irrigation works are continuing.

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