Key vegetable prices remain stable

Prices for key vegetables at city markets continue to be stable  with the vast improvement in supply, mainly as a result of improved weather conditions.
According to reports from vendors and consumers when Stabroek News visited the Bourda and Stabroek markets yesterday  “business is still looking up.”

One vendor noted that “things are back to normal again by 90%” and emphasised “de only thing yuh might find here and there is price fluctuation which is business, an duh is whether deh get flood or no flood.”

Tomatoes, eschallot, celery, bora, okra, cabbage, boulanger, pakchoy and pumpkin are among the key vegetables that continue to record a decline in prices.

Eschallot was sold at $380 and $360 per lb two weeks ago and is now $340. Tomatoes remain $200 and $360 per lb; celery is sold at $60 and $100 a bundle. Bora decreased by $20 moving from $680 a bag to $660; by the bundle the price remained $100 and $160.

Okra also more or less stayed in place – it was $160 and $100 a pound and it is now $120 and $140 per lb. Cabbage prices remained at $160 and $180 per lb and pumpkin at $100 a slice.

Boulanger that was being sold for $220 just two weeks ago can now be bought for $200 while pakchoy has moved from $300 and $400 a bundle to $200 a bundle.

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