Kayode McKinnon an ambassador for youth – Region Ten chair

The Region Ten Administration has commended Kayode McKinnon for undertaking a 40-mile run on St Valentine’s Day to highlight the plight of persons infected with and affected by HIV and AIDS.

In a press release Regional Chairman Mortimer Mingo said McKinnon’s performance was exemplary. He said the run, along the Linden- Soesdyke Highway has been seen as a labour of love and the region appreciates McKinnon’s dedication as well as the physical and mental sacrifice that has helped to spotlight the problem. He “has reaffirmed our convictions of the importance of individual action to address the many issues” challenging the society, the chairman said. He also said such actions by individuals when taken together, has a positive collective impact that influences change for the better.

Mingo posited that while the region continues to grapple with ensuring the health and all-round development of its constituency, it demands commitment like McKinnon demonstrated to bring about change. He also encouraged McKinnon to continue to show his commitment to his community with efforts like the marathon and Kayo’s Football Academy. The chairman said the region is grateful for McKinnon’s example and he encouraged him to continue to be an ambassador for youth.

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