Solar water projects to boost access in hinterland

The Ministry of Housing and Water plans to develop 18 solar water projects to boost access to potable water in several hinterland communities.
Santa Rosa, White Water, Waramuri, Manawarin (Region One), Lima Sands (Region Two), Laluni (Region Four), Phillipi and Kamarang, (Region Seven), Itaballi, Tiger Pond, Karasabai, Nappi, Massara, Toka, Annai and Riverview (Region 9)  are among the areas to benefit.

According to a Government Information Agency (GINA) press release about two years ago government through collaboration with the UK Department for International Development undertook several projects to expand potable water systems for 10 hinterland areas. The project entailed the construction of wells fitted with hand pumps and rainwater catchments for residents of regions one and nine villages. It targeted 2800 persons and communities such as Kamarang, Imbaimadai, Warawatta, Paruima, Waramadong, Quebanna, Koka, Kambaru, Jawalla, Wax Creek, Phillipi and Chinowieng were earmarked to benefit.

This year, more than $3B was allocated for the water and sanitation sectors, twice last year’s amount. This includes $61M for the provision of potable water at several interior locations, including Port Kaituma and St Cuthbert’s Mission. Meanwhile, a number of photovoltaic systems are to be installed to boost water supply. These will serve 1000 residents of Waramadong, 200 in Kako, 160 in Quebenang and 1500 in Jawalla, Region Seven.

In 2008 about $3.426B was allocated to increase access to potable water in areas that had been unserved and to boost sanitation countrywide. Projects were completed at Mabaruma and Waramuri (Region One); Laluni and St. Cuthbert’s Mission (Region Four); Moraikobai (Region Five); Orealla (Region Six); Mahdia (Region Eight) and Bina Hill (Annai), Fairview, Shiriri, Massara, Apoteri, Karasabai and Potarinau (Region Nine). Water systems were also installed at Hotoquai in Region One and Riversview and Kartabo in Region Seven.

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