Benn cautions against run on banks

Benn was addressing residents who had gathered at the Hague Primary School, West Coast Demerara, for the Cabinet outreach in Region Three.

Referring to the situation which led to the government moving to the courts to take control of the assets of CLICO Guyana, he said there was no need to panic as government was monitoring the situation and would do everything within its power to ensure that they are protected, the Government Information Agency (GINA) reported.

He advised the residents to pay attention to the information provided by President Bharrat Jagdeo and Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh.

Meanwhile, on the issue of the upgrading of the main access road raised by residents, Benn said that $31.5M was allocated in the 2009 budget to undertake that work and the contractor had already been identified and work was scheduled to begin within a month.

According to GINA, responding to a request from residents, the minister said he would re-examine the details of the contract with a view to determining the possibility of the road being widened to 14 feet from its present width of 12 feet.

The residents had suggested to Benn that the wider road would protect the shoulders from damage which could occur when vehicles pass each other.

The minister promised to inform Minister of Housing and Water Irfaan Ali of the situation with regard to the water supply to the community, GINA stated, after residents had said that though pipelines were laid in the community, they seldom received water through the mains.

Benn said he was informed that a well is to be sunk at Cornelia Ida, which should bring relief to the community. He suggested that the present low supply may be as a result of the distance the community is from the Pouderoyen Treatment Plant from which it is being supplied.

GINA reported also that another request for state land at the back of the village to be allocated to the community to be developed into a community centre ground would also be forwarded to the Housing Minister.

The Transport Minister told residents that government is in a better position this year to undertake developmental works in communities. He said funds last year that could have been used for infrastructural development had to be utilized to equip the security services in the light of the threat that faced the country at that time.

He urged residents to be patient as government had earmarked several communities for developmental projects but added that Guyana was not a wealthy country so works would have to be undertaken according to a priority list which has been generated.

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