Burglar who ‘needed to pay off some debts’ gets three years

Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson sentenced a 39-year-old man to three years imprisonment for breaking into a woman’s house and stealing  a quantity of items.

Joel Niles of 142 Campbellville, Housing Scheme pleaded guilty to the charge of break and enter and larceny when he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court.

On February 26 at Cambellville, Housing Scheme, Niles broke and entered the dwelling house of Abiola Niles and stole an electric drill, a quantity of CDs and two bottles of cologne, totalling $26,500.

“I break in and took de things, My Worship,” stated Joel Niles. When asked by the magistrate why he had done so he stated that he had needed some money “cause I needed to pay off some debts.”

He explained that he had borrowed a quantity of cash from a man a while ago and the man had started demanding the money back so he broke into Abiola Niles’ house and stole the items. He said that he would have sold the items to get the money.

Meanwhile, the prosecution stated that on the day in question the woman secured her home and went out but upon returning she noticed several windowpanes missing from the western window of her house. When she made checks in her house she discovered certain items missing. She immediately made a report to the police station. The accused was later contacted and admitted to the break-in. He was later arrested and charged.

The prosecution noted that none of the items was recovered.

“He always thiefin out meh stuff and then all he does do is smoke it out,” Abiola Niles said.

The magistrate subsequently sentenced Niles to three years imprisonment.

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