Woman, suspect in Twins shooting incident still being sought

Police are still making efforts to locate a couple in connection with the assault and shooting in the compound of Twins Manufacturing Com-pany, Industrial Site, Georgetown during which a man was injured, two weeks ago.

Contacted yesterday Commander of `A’ Division Leroy Brumell told Stabroek News, that checks at Twins Manufacturing Company for the woman were unsuccessful as she had not turned up there since the incident.

He said the police have received information that the male suspect is somewhere in the city and are making attempts to locate him.

According to the commander, they have received information that the injured man, who was recently discharged from hospital, has been receiving treats to his life.

Meanwhile, the number on the motor car PLL 736 has turned out not be authentic and may belong to another class of vehicle. Police are investigating this.

Manzoor Alli, an Independence Boulevard salesman sustained a gunshot wound to the right arm following the incident which occurred around 4.30 pm.

According to the police, Alli and a female co-worker had a misunderstanding and the woman subsequently made a call on her cellular phone.

Shortly after, the police said, motor car PLL 736 arrived at the location with two men inside.

One of the men, who, according to reports, is close to the woman, is alleged to have confronted Alli. The assault was carried out and the men escaped in the vehicle.

Alli was immediately taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital for medical attention. He later sought private medical attention.

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