Men held over strangling of UK-based Guyanese on bail

The three men who were detained following last Thursday’s robbery/murder in D’Urban Backlands in which a 76-year-old UK-based Guyanese was beaten in the head before being strangled to death were released yesterday.

Stabroek News understands that investigators were forced to send the trio on station bail since their 72 hours in custody had expired.

However investigations are still continuing into the incident.

Police in a release had said that Cadogan was found lying on the floor of his house located at 180 Century Palm Gardens around 4.45 pm with his hands and feet bound and his mouth gagged with a bed sheet.

The release said the entire bedroom was ransacked. Further investigations revealed that a laptop computer was missing.

It was Cadogan’s brother, Glen, who made the gruesome discovery. He turned up at the house after several telephone calls to the home went unanswered and noticed that a sheet of plywood put to block a window on the ground floor was out of place.

He had earlier tied a bag of fruits to the gate after his brother did not respond to his calls. Relatives had told this newspaper that the man returned home just before Christmas last year.

The man was planning to sell the property and return to England where his wife and children reside.

At the time of his death, some minor repairs were being done on the house. Relatives had expressed suspicions that the perpetrator/s gained entry to the house though ground floor windows which were being repaired.


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