Bandits rob NA internet cafe

Two masked bandits, one armed with a hand-gun, robbed the owners of an internet café at Main & Charles Place, New Amsterdam and two customers around 6:45 pm on Tuesday of more than $400,000 in cash, a laptop and cell phones.

A suspect has since been arrested and placed in custody. Reports are that Dhanmattie Sumair, 21 and her mother, Swarsattie Jewaneya, 39, both of Canefield, East Canje were behind the counter tending to the customers when the bandits entered.

The bandits then closed the door behind them and switched off the lights. The one who was armed with a handgun held the four at gunpoint while the other demanded the articles.

This newspaper learnt that Sumair was stripped of her laptop computer, a DSL box, a cell phone worth $50,000 and $45,000 that was in a brown bag. Her mother was robbed of $20,000 cash and two cell phones valued $40,000.

The bandits also relieved a 14-year-old customer of Alexander Street, NA of a Sony Ericsson cell phone and $9,000 cash.

Thirty-one-year-old Owana Harvey of Lad Lane, NA lost two cell phones and $800 to the bandits who escaped on foot after committing the offence.

Sumair who was at first reluctant to speak to reporters said that the police arrived promptly at the scene. She said she was robbed last year and that nothing came out of the matter.

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