Escapee who is ‘afraid of jail’ gets one-year sentence

“I am afraid of jail. That is why I get away,” a 25-year-old man who received a one-year sentence for escaping from lawful custody admitted to Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson yesterday.

Orvin Ames of Prince William Street, Plaisance, East Coast Demerara pleaded guilty to the charge of escape from lawful custody.

On October 5 last year in Georgetown Ames was pointed out by the virtual complainant (VC) whom he was accused of robbing. He was then taken into police custody that day for allegedly committing robbery with violence on Ashanna Bobb on September 30 last year but he later escaped.

The defendant told the court that he feared prison. According to Ames, when he was apprehended by the police last year that fear caused him to panic and he made good his escape.

After months police finally located the defendant and he was taken before the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court where the charge was read to him. Acting Chief Magistrate Robertson ordered that Ames serve a one-year sentence.

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