Spain PM in F word slip-up

MADRID, (Reuters) – A video of Spain’s prime  minister became one of the world’s most talked about internet  clips yesterday after he accidently uttered the F word in a  news conference with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero was outlining a Spanish-Russian  plan to promote tourism between the two countries during  Medvedev’s state visit when the verbal faux pas slipped out.

“Tourism is an area of special economic importance in  relations between Spain and Russia,” said Zapatero, speaking in  Spanish. “Therefore we have reached an agreement to stimulate,  to favour, to f—-“.

With barely a pause, but looking down at his lectern, he  quickly continued, “… to support tourism”. Zapatero’s office declined to comment on the slip-up.

The Spanish word “to support” has a similar sound to the  expletive uttered by Zapatero.

Website said the video shot to No.3  in the world’s most talked about clips — measured by links to  the video and comments about it on blogs — behind Bizkit the  sleep-walking dog and singer Oren Lavie’s video ‘Her Morning  Elegance’.

It was the only non-English language clip in Viral Video’s  top 20.

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