Squatters account for 80% of litter – City Council

The Mayor and City Council says squatters account for 80% of the city’s littering problems and it is particularly concerned about this situation as it occurs close to the city’s waterways.

In a press release the Council cited the statistics from a report from the City Engineer’s Department.

It said many squatters do not have the requisite receptacle for proper garbage disposal and as a result dump their refuse into canals. “Garbage and other waste provide an appropriate environment for aggressive aquatic growth. This then provides breeding places for mosquitoes,” it added.

Meanwhile, the Council said squatting on the reserves continues to tax its limited resources and affect developmental works in other areas. Therefore, it advises squatters to obtain garbage receptacles to dispose of refuse.

Additionally the Council said it is finalising arrangements for an education programme on cleanliness for the public.

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