Aquaculture forum cites Guyana as good investment location

Representatives of the National Aquaculture Association of Guyana recently met with over 1500 aquaculture specialists in the US at Aquaculture America 2009 who cited Guyana as a good potential investment location because of its high quality tilapia broodstocks, among other things.

According to a press release the specialists met to hear technical presentations as well as attend a trade show and conference exhibition. The rapid growth of tilapia farming in the Americas was among the topics discussed and industry representatives from Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Honduras, Guyana, Mexico and the US met to discuss trade figures, new production strategies, genetics, nutrition and feed advances.

NAAG reported that many new ideas that could boost aquaculture in Guyana were displayed. These include the use of the feed ingredient substitute using protein concentrate from corn, a new aerator system for aquaculture ponds that provides a wider oxygen dispersion and new technologies for making happas; the nets used to contain and protect fingerlings when they grow to size for full size grow out.
NAAG member Satesh “Chico” Persaud of Maharaja Oil Mills, a fish feed producer and aquaculture hatchery entrepreneur was in high praise of the show. He said exposure to the latest research techniques in aquaculture is by far the best way to improve on aquaculture protocols. “At the speed at which we are developing, Guyana will one day be presenting papers at such forums,” he said.

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