Bulldozer rams cars in Jerusalem, driver shot dead

JERUSALEM, (Reuters) – A Palestinian driver rammed  his bulldozer into a police car, rolling it over until it  slammed into a bus at one of Jerusalem’s busiest intersections  yesterday before police and a taxi driver shot him dead.

An open Koran, the Muslim holy book, was found in the  driver’s cabin, Niso Shaham, Jerusalem’s deputy police chief,  told reporters at the scene. A police spokesman said it was a  “terrorist” attack.

Israeli police and Palestinian residents identified the  driver as Marei Radaydeh, a West Bank construction worker in his  mid-20s who lived with his family in the Arab East Jerusalem  neighourhood of Beit Hanina.

No Palestinian militant groups have claimed responsibility  for the incident, which came a day after a visit by U.S.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Video from a traffic camera showed the bulldozer lowering  its front shovel before striking a parked police car. The  bulldozer then rolled the vehicle across the intersection,  flipping it over and smashing it into a bus.

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