Hold close the lessons of peace and of good over evil – PPP

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) encourages the nation to hold close the teachings of peace and the victory of good over evil as the nation observes Youman Nabi and Phagwah.

In a press release the party said observances for the birth anniversary of the Prophet Mohamed is taking place during trying times as the financial crisis exerts its toll on people worldwide. It noted that the teachings of peace and harmony are also particularly important at this time as wars and conflicts are widespread.

Similarly the party urges the nation to reflect on the victory of good over evil as it celebrates Phagwah. The PPP said Phagwah teaches devotees to strive to be good and constructive in their daily lives. “Today we take inspiration from this message as we struggle against the evil of greed that has triggered one of the worst economic crises in history,” adding that it is confident that the nation will withstand the trial and emerge stronger.

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