Use the Prophet’s message to build a just society – PNCR

The PNCR said as the nation remembers the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad it should seek to incorporate those ideals into daily life to build a more equal society.

In a press release the party said it is confident that Guyanese Muslims will use the occasion of Youman Nabi to better position themselves to improve their lives and communities. It said too more than a billion global citizens have embraced the prophet’s teachings and have used it to define their lives particularly with regard to responding to the needs of the most vulnerable members of society.

The party said Guyana faces a period of travail occasioned in part by the global financial crisis and citizens will need to cooperate to ensure that the situation does not cause lasting damage to the society’s foundation. In the light of this the PNCR encourages the nation to reflect on how the life of the prophet can be translated into the kind of action that strengthens unity and can help the nation overcome the many difficulties challenging it.

The PNCR said as Muslims remember the prophet’s birth anniversary so too the nation should reflect on the goals of equality, protection for the poor and powerless, justice, law and respect; ideals that were used to build Guyana 43 years ago. It laments that those ideals are being overtaken by the widening gap between the rich and poor, rampant criminality and lawlessness and posits that citizens should seek the rebirth of the original ethics and proceed to build a just society.

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