Use Youman Nabi for self assessment

-President urges
President Bharrat Jagdeo is urging all Guyanese to use Youman Nabi as a day for “assessment of our own actions and meditations” as they join with their Muslim brothers and sisters to commemorate the occasion.

In his Youman Nabi message, President Jagdeo noted that the lessons of the occasion teaches us the importance of respect in practical ways of strengthening society, reaching out to the less fortunate and understanding each other’s religions and moral values. “I urge that love, sacrifice and compassion, qualities of the noble Prophet that symbolize and influence our daily interactions with one another, irrespective of ethnic and religious origins, always remain with us,” he was quoted as saying by the Government Information Agency (GINA).

Jagdeo said the Prophet Muhammad’s readiness to undergo persecution for his beliefs and to his large following who looked up to him as leader and the greatness of his ultimate achievement all demonstrate his fundamental integrity.

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