Holi useful as catalyst for harmonious nation –Culture Ministry

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport joins with the local Hindu Community in celebrating the festival of Holi which is popularly known as Phagwah.

In a press release, the Ministry expressed its recognition of Phagwah as part of the national cultural/religious calendar and identified the festival as one that has assumed “national proportions”. It is within this context, that the participation of all groups in a specific, faith- based celebration such as Holi is useful as a catalyst for a harmonious nation.

According to the release, “The Holi Festival of Colours is founded on a beautiful mythology embodying the stories of such characters as the Demoness Holika, Lord Vishnu, the goodness of Prahalad and the bonfires cremating the evils of Holika, thus purifying all evils.”  It is this phenomenon that attracts national participation of even those not associated with the origins of the Festival. It is therefore no surprise that ”it attracts National Participa-tion” and the “awe of even those not associated with the origins of the Festival.“

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