IAC extends Phagwah greetings to the nation

The Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) extends Phagwah greetings to the nation particularly Indo-Guyanese and mixed Indo-Guyanese and devotees of Sanatan Dharma.

“Phagwah or Holi is a festival of Bharat (India) that has its roots in antiquity and celebrates the coming of a new spring season and the dawning of a new year,” the IAC said in a press release.  The exuberance of the festival reflects the collective hope of the people for progress and prosperity and the related betterment of their lives.

Hindus brought the festival to British Guiana when they arrived here as indentured labourers 171 years ago the release said. It was then sustained by the majority of the 239,000 Bharatiyas who arrived here between 1838 and 1917. In keeping with this the IAC urges the nation to celebrate Holi as a focus for national unity.

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