Reflect on the meaning of Phagwah – AFC

The Alliance For Change (AFC) urges the nation to reflect on the meaning of Phagwah and to support the colourful celebrations as a true Guyanese festival.

“Our cultures and religions provide us with time honoured principles of how we should behave and relate towards each other,” the party said in a press release. Phagwah or Holi reminds us that good triumphs over evil and that nothing bad goes unpunished. In keeping with this it said the nation should reflect on the symbolism of the Princess Holika being consumed in flames intended for her nephew as a lesson that the universe has a plan which no one can interfere with.

The party urges the nation to celebrate “the beautiful and colourful mosaic that makes up our Guyanese culture” while at the same time it calls for the rights of those who do not wish to participate to be respected.

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