Use message of Phagwah to refine decisions for nation’s betterment – PNCR

The PNCR says it is troubled that as the nation observes Phagwah it is challenged and afflicted by a number of situations that are engendering feelings of hopelessness.

The idea of revival is particularly important for the current social conditions in the country, the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) said in a press release. It said in the political domain “there is continuing evidence of arrogance, executive lawlessness, a studied attack on various institutions, including trade unions, and a lack of unity and purpose.” Socially Guyana paints a grim picture: an insidious drug culture has taken hold in society, crime is rampant, youth are afflicted with a sense of hopelessness, the old and other vulnerable need more state assistance and “the very foundations of the society seem to be eroding under the burden of anti-social values,” it added.

Further, the party said economically the nation has entered unchartered waters. It said the mismanagement by the administration and its inability to respond in a timely manner to the collapse of the Colonial Life Insurance Company (CLICO) in Trinidad has triggered a situation where pensions and savings held by CLICO (Guyana) and the National Insurance Scheme may be in jeopardy. The party contends that it is when facing challenges such as these that the nation must reflect and redefine its values.

It said the rebirth symbolised by Phagwah must be incorporated in decision-making in order to avoid stagnation and perennial underdevelopment.

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