Bandits ransack Cumberland home

-latest in series of attacks on family
A joyous Phagwah day for a family at Cumberland, East Canje, ended in distress when they discovered that bandits had ransacked their home and carted off a small amount of cash.

An occupant of the home, Jaishree Devi Ramoutar, 34, told Stabroek News that they left their Assim Street home at around 3 pm to visit her brothers on the Corentyne. When they returned home at around 7 pm the bandits had already left.

She said the bandits wrenched open a window in the lower flat and upturned the entire flat until they found a small amount of cash belonging to her mother, Doodranie Paltoo, 55.

The family did not turn on the lights before leaving home because they were hoping to return before it got dark. However they were having so much fun “playing” Phagwah with relatives along the way that the time caught up with them.

She told this newspaper that the neighbours heard the dogs barking frantically but when they looked out they did not see anyone.
Ramoutar said they realized that something was amiss after they had to struggle to push open the door. When they were finally able to enter, she said, they were “totally shocked.” The police were contacted and they responded immediately and took statements.

Just over a month ago five masked gunmen terrorized and robbed members of the household of $700,000 worth in jewellery and $13,000 cash.
The family was also attacked by bandits four times in 2007 and twice last year. That robbery, Jayshree said, was the worst as all the members of the household were home.

Another time the bandits also broke into the home by wrenching open the window in the same manner.

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