Stolen car found at vulcanizing shop

The motor car which was stolen from outside Coney Island on Carifesta Avenue was recovered minus some parts at a D’Urban Street vulcanizing shop on Thursday night; four men are in police custody assisting with investigations.

According to the police, it was “diligent investigations” that led to the recovery of the vehicle which belongs to Rameshwar Arjune of Nootenzuil, East Coast Demerara. The Toyota Carina, PHH 7028 was stolen on Wednesday night.

A press release stated that following up on investigations into the theft the vehicle was found at the vulcanizing shop around 8:25 pm. The vehicle was stripped of several parts.
Arjune in a desperate bid to recover his vehicle had offered a reward.

According to him he secured his vehicle and left it parked on the street. When he returned some two hours later it was gone.

Yesterday the man while expressing relief that his car was found was distraught over the amount of money it will now take to replace the missing parts.

He said that the men broke into the car by smashing a glass at the side of the vehicle.
The carjacker (s) then hot wired the car and drove off, he said.

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