Hescott to face charges, police say

Ryan Hescott who police said was wounded during a shootout after they descended on a Laing Avenue house on Sunday in search of a murder accused, is still a patient under guard at the Georgetown Public Hospital and once he is well enough, will face a number of charges.

In the meantime, the accused, Alpha Hudson who is wanted for the 2005 murder of Elson Fullington and who had managed to elude capture remained on the run up to press time last night.

Police had said in a release that Hescott had brushes with the law and has several matters in court.  An unlicensed .38 Taurus revolver, four rounds and two spent shells were recovered by the police, the statement said.

According to the police, “As the ranks approached the house where the wanted man Alpha Hudson was hiding, Ryan Hescott opened fire on the police who returned fire hitting him to his upper right arm and recovering the firearm and ammunition. Alpha Hudson managed to escape”.

Hudson is wanted by the police for the murder of Elson Fullington who was stabbed on June 23, 2005 at Avenue of the Republic during an altercation. Andrew Rodney was also charged in the matter and he has been committed to stand trial at the High Court.

Stabroek News was told that a number of policemen pursued Hescott along Laing Avenue even as he jumped drains and attempted to cross the trench. This newspaper was told that the lawmen recovered the gun, which the man allegedly fired at them, from the trench.

A muddied Hescott was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Four of Hescott’s brothers have been killed by gunfire.

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