JPs, commissioners of oaths urged to pursue training

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds urged JPs and commissioners of oaths to work towards achieving their motto, in his address at their annual general meeting held at City Hall on Saturday.

A Government Informa-tion Agency (GINA) press release said the prime minister has always supported training services for the said officers and urged them to take the lead on the issue.

Hinds urged the officers to cultivate a thirst for knowledge and share their knowledge with their colleagues in order to find ways of moving forward. The JPs and commissioners association functions under the key principles of educating and training all appointed officers within its field to ensure that they are working within the confines of the Laws of Guyana.

Hinds said too despite the issues that challenge the association goals can be achieved through perseverance and hard work. He urged them to work towards realising their mission statement: “To steadily uphold the Constitution of our country as we diligently and divinely discharge our civic duties towards the realism of peace, love and national harmony.”

According to GINA, the association then presented Hinds with a plaque in recognition of his honorary membership.

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