Education to be major Region Four expenditure item

$20M bridge for Pigeon Island

The Region Four council has unveiled a $2.427B budget with the bulk of the money going to develop the education sector.

In outlining the region’s expenditure Regional Executive Officer (REO) Shafdar Alli said $106M has been allocated to the regional administration, $167M for agriculture, $200M for public works, $238M for health and $1.7B for education. In a press release, he said the region’s expenditure has increased by 8% with figures climbing from $140M to $150.4M to better execute capital works in all sectors.

The REO also said this year more attention will be put into maintaining existing structures within the region, especially those necessary to the delivery of health and education. In the education sector, $32M has been allocated for works including the construction of a Practical Instruction Centre at Buxton. Rehabilitative works will also be undertaken at the Lusignan and St Andrew’s primary on the East Coast and at the Silver Hill Primary on the Linden/Soesdyke Highway.

The release said too a heavy-duty concrete bridge will be built at Pigeon Island at a cost of $20M. Health centres at Cane Grove and Unity along with the Dr CC Nicholson Hospital, and doctors and medex quarters will also be rehabilitated at a cost of $20M.

Additionally access roads at Buxton, Vryheid’s Lust, Ogle and Enterprise will be repaired at a cost of $28M.

As regard agriculture development; $25M is expected to be spent on the construction of a greenheart revetment at Cane Grove and Enmore. The canal at Beterverwagting will be rehabilitated. Additionally, $7.5M, $8M and $4M will be spent on equipment and furniture for education, health and administration respectively.

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