GPL to install lines along Lamaha embankment soon

The Guyana Power and Light (GPL) is in the process of preparing the Lamaha embankment for the installation of the 69kV transmission lines.

In a press release the company said garbage and vegetation along the embankment will be completely cleared before construction starts in a few weeks. It said the transmission interconnection lines cannot be installed in an area where vegetation can grow more than 2.5m or (8’) tall as this will increase the risks of line incidents. GPL said too it must be installed in an area that will allow routine maintenance unimpeded.

However, the company says it does plan to beautify the area as several types of decorative plants can be cultivated within the height restrictions. “While we have a number of ideas the contribution of all stakeholders would be most welcome,” the company said. Suggestions can be sent to GPL’s public relations officer at Lot 40 Main Street, Georgetown.

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