Gunmen hold up employees at Delta office

Customers and employees of Delta Airlines were yesterday held at gunpoint when two bandits went into its Carmichael Street location demanding cash.

According to reports reaching this newspaper, at around 11:45 am two men purporting to have business to transact entered the building and moments after whipped out their guns and began demanding money from the employees.

The security guard on duty at the time said that once in the building, the bandits forced everyone to the back after relieving him of his cellular phone.

Apart from the guard’s cell phone, it is unclear whether any other losses were suffered. When Stabroek News enquired about further losses, Junior Horatio, the Sales Manager of Delta would only say, “as far as we know, there was no damage to property or any injuries inflicted on any employee.” Horatio further stated that the police were summoned and investigations were being conducted.

According to the guard, he made several attempts to contact the police on 911 but all efforts proved futile as the phone “just kept ringing out”, it was not until some 20 minutes after the two-minute ordeal that the police arrived on the scene.

According to one of the traumatised employees, she saw when the first man came into the building but it was not until the second went in and a scuffle ensued between him and the security guard that she realised that something was amiss. Another said that one of the bandits pointed a gun at her as she tried to reach for the company’s panic button in a bid to solicit assistance.

She explained that he had his gun concealed in a large white packet.

The unmasked bandits made good their escape on foot.

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