Vendor remanded over robbery of KFC delivery man

A food vendor who allegedly robbed a KFC delivery man of a motorcycle and a quantity of cash was remanded to prison yesterday when he appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court.

Joseph Hamilton, 28, of 91 Freeman Street, East La Penitence, pleaded not guilty to the charge of robbery with violence.

It is alleged that on March 15, Hamilton used personal violence to rob Roger Williams of a motor cycle and a quantity of cash totaling $183,000, property of KFC.

Williams, who was also present in court, stated that on the day in question he had received an order to deliver chicken to a residence in Freeman Street, East La Penitence. He stated that shortly after he arrived at the location,  Hamilton and another man robbed him of “de money, de bike and even de chicken.”

Williams said further that he later went back to the same spot with another man and shortly after he saw Hamilton since “he does live near to where he rob me.”  He told the court he then reported the matter  to the police station and  Hamilton was later arrested and charged.

However, Hamilton stated that shortly after the police had arrested him, Williams went into the station and saw him “and he tell de police that is nah me dat rob he ah de bike and other things.”

He noted that Williams’s mother then entered the station and told the police to keep him locked up until the real culprit was apprehended.

Hamilton also stated that Williams left but came back later and told the police that he and another man were the persons who had robbed him. He said that Williams had also accused him of giving the other person who allegedly robbed him, his cell phone to make the call to KFC to make the false chicken order.

“I tell he since he accusing me, then let de police call de number and trace it to see if is me phone.” He also stated that the cell phone number from which KFC was called for the chicken order was not his.

Meanwhile, the prosecution objected to the bail application when Hamilton suggested it on the grounds that if granted he may interfere with Williams and may also commit similar offences.

The magistrate subsequently ordered that Hamilton be remanded to prison and transferred the case to Court Six for March 31.

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